“Everyone trains for different reasons. For me, it was seeing Rafiki beat up the hyenas at the end of the Lion King (4 year old me had great taste). But as I continued with it through adolescence, it gave me confidence and something to look forward to after school. I made tons of friends and learned to protect myself, which is kind of important when you grow up a geek.

With my own transformation, it’s probably no surprise that my favorite part of teaching is seeing others come out of their shell and find the same confidence I did. To that end, I keep things informal. I make a lot of jokes (most of which don't land). Everybody is different, so I teach to make each student better at their own style. One of my guiding philosophies is to show students how to train intelligently and educate themselves in addition to my instruction. This differs from the general approach of many gyms which teach strictly by the book.

Control Kickboxing is my effort to change the mindset in the training scene. In my nearly two decades of training, I’ve learned that learning never stops. I hope to instill this belief in every one of my students. I craft my lessons to ensure students receive a unique, un-intimidating session that breeds technical athletes and artists. As an added bonus, all of my students get to see pictures of my 2 adorable cats Chairman Meow and Luna-muh-Tuna.”

-Prashant Paul, Founder of Control Kickboxing

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