About Classes

Imagine the butterflies you had when you met that special someone.

Understanding technique matches that initial excitement and novelty of a budding relationship. You’re always learning something new and growing. Regardless of why you train (e.g. fitness, professional fighting, film combat experience), Control Kickboxing’s technical perspective builds your knowledge of kickboxing and boxing in a way set apart from the rest.

Contrary to some boxing instruction, we abhor mindless mechanical drills. Good form and physical fitness mean nothing without understanding when or why to apply those forms. Beyond correct technique and getting a good workout, our lessons help you gain clarity into the art of boxing. Was that main-event knock-out last Saturday a lucky break? Or did the victor spend 5 rounds setting up feints? Were they just bigger and stronger? Or did they spend weeks studying which combinations their opponent tends to drop their rear-hand on? When students shift from seeing a match as a random flurry of kicks and punches to deliberate stategic decisions, it finally clicks. And they fall in love with training as much as we already are.

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