Developing advanced form can elude even the most dedicated of students. Why is that?

Many boxing and kickboxing classes follow a similar format. You may learn some basic mechanics, but will probably spend the majority of class drilling different combinations with a partner. At first, the novelty may excite you. But after a few weeks, doing the same moves over becomes tedious. Eventually, you’ll have a realization – you have no idea when to even apply anything you’ve learned. When should you use one technique over another? What do you do when an opponent doesn’t stand there nicely while you finish your 4 count?

The problem these types of workouts face is that they focus on the flashy parts of boxing – hitting fast and hard – while ignoring the “boring” details that all professionals pore over.

A good fight is as cerebral as a chess match. Opponents constantly test each other to lay the foundation for finishers later on. The general population often latches onto the knock-out, while missing the 4 rounds of feinting that came before it. A slight pivot can change the outcome of a match entirely. Many people won’t find these points as sexy as a good haymaker. But to the aficionado with an interest in the finer aspects of the craft, they’re anything but boring.

With our private classes, you’ll not only get a great workout – you’ll learn the why, how and when of the more neglected aspects of boxing and kickboxing. We custom tailor lessons to each student’s level, needs, and style. Once things start clicking and the image comes more into focus, you’ll be hooked. And training will be exciting again.

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